No. (739-740), Block No. (123), Bagan Road, East Dagon 11451, Yangon, Myanmar.

We held a first meeting with our learners (students) who are around Yangon to hear their voices and feedbacks on our correspondent education system on 18 September 2016 at Summit Parkview Hotel. From this first workshop with learners, we discovered the following issues to be continued, improved and extended.
Their Suggestions:
1. They want more qualified instructors in JEI.
2. They want more subjects in this course.
3. They want to continue from diploma course to bachelor degrees in future.
4. They want us to open JEI University in future.
Their Feedbacks:
1. They said the course is more than catechism class and they come to have a deeper knowledge on nature and work of Holy Spirit, Canon Law, Church History, Catechism of Catholic Church, Laudato Si for humanity.
2. They said they are no more normal persons before joining JEI which means after joining JEI course, they become better theological knowledge equipped.
3. They said they have more courage to do evangelization (sharing what they know from our course to others).
4. On papal encyclical of Laudato Si (Our Common Home), from learning responsibility of each person on environment from the encyclical of Pope Francis, they said they have changed their behavior of throwing wastes on road to dustbin.

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